Lesson Plan and Key Cases

Download the Lesson PlanThe College Bill of Rights: The Importance of First Amendment Protections (PDF, 451 KB)

FIRE Cases Featured in the Lesson Plan:

Freedoms of Religion and Association

Louisiana State University: Threat to Muslim Group’s Freedom of Association

University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire: Ban on RAs’ Leading Bible Studies

Princeton University: Refusal to Recognize Religious Group

Pennsylvania State University: Charges of ‘Discrimination’ Due to Religious Language in Club Constitution

Brown University: Wrongful Suspension of Religious Student Group

Freedoms of Speech and Press

Saint Augustine’s College: Student Prohibited from Walking at Graduation Due to Facebook Post

Colorado College: Students Found Guilty for Satirical Flyer

Oakland University: Student Suspended over His Writing Journal

University of California System: Recommendations for “Hate Speech” Policy

University of Chicago: Censorship of Student’s Online Speech by University Police

Freedoms of Assembly and Petition

Catholic University of America: Rejection of Campus NAACP Chapter

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Punishment of Free Speech Protestors

Valdosta State University: Student Expelled for Peacefully Protesting Parking Garages

Hampton University: Gay and Lesbian Student Group Denied Recognition Without Explanation

DePaul University: Censorship of Student Group Protesting Ward Churchill

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